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Quite often, migrating existing content into a newly acquired document and records management solution is a task that is often underestimated by organizations, and is taken as a last exercise. The successful implementation of any Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution will not only depend on how new content is captured into the system, but also on how existing content residing in various stores can be accurately represented in the target system. Often, in any content migration project, visualizing the end result is easily understood. Most organizations, however, find it difficult to understand the processes involved in moving content and all its attributes from a legacy environment into the target ECM system.

iPath:Migrate is a managed service that brings together the software tools, methodology, and the processes needed to move files from your existing shared drives or legacy content repositories, e.g. Xerox DocuShare, DocsOpen, eDocs, and map those files into SharePoint 2010 (or MOSS) document libraries and lists. Metadata, versions, and security settings are accurately mapped into the target system. With the iPath:Migrate managed service, you can:

  • Migrate documents from your existing content management repositories into SharePoint.
  • Migrate documents from your shared drives and automatically extract their metadata.
  • Map documents into SharePoint libraries/folders according to your desired classification.
  • Keep metadata, document properties, versioning, and security settings intact.
  • Re-classify and automatically create any target classification in SharePoint.
  • Utilize managed paths and managed metadata columns in SharePoint 2010.
  • Migrate all or a subset of the document properties to the target system as required.

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