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One of the key capabilities of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions is the ability to search through all or part of the content stored in the enterprise and find the information you are looking for, promptly and securely. The majority of enterprise content is unstructured in the form of electronic documents, emails, forms, etc. Searching through the textual portion of unstructured content can be a daunting task as it is highly likely the search operation will return a large number of possible results. In an effort to provide users with the ability to find the information they are looking for very quickly, ECM solutions provide the ability to associate metadata with documents, thus adding structure to unstructured content, and provide the ability to search through the metadata delivering very precise and granular results.

iPath:Search enhances the search operations available in MOSS 2007 and SharePoint 2010. It extends the out-of-the-box search capabilities of SharePoint by enabling users to construct precise search queries on any desired set of available metadata associated with any document or folder content type, and allows users to construct combinations of full text and metadata search queries. It is a simple, intuitive, easy to use, and powerful search module allowing users to rapidly find the information they are looking for.

Product Highlights

  • Search on all or any list or site-specific document library
  • Dynamically build the desired metadata list
  • Intuitive user interface consistent with user experiences
  • Save search templates for future re-use
  • Comprehensive logical operators: and, or, equal, greater than, less than, contains, etc.
  • Save search criteria and search results
  • Implicit & explicit wildcard support
  • Highlighting of search terms within document content
  • Can be installed on any site or document library
  • Can construct multiple and different search templates in different sites

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