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iPath:Capture for SharePoint

High Volume and Batch Scanning Solution

iPath:Capture is an industrial strength batch and high volume scanning solution capable of capturing large volume of images per day. iPath:Capture is a powerful, user-friendly production application with a multi-stream architecture for the scanning and the electronic capture of any kind of documents. This complete professional solution combines powerful production scanning software and a document processing solution to automatically structure, sort, index, and convert all documents into fully searchable text files in one single process. Its comprehensive and advanced capabilities allow the most sophisticated user to perform complex tasks, while providing an intuitive and simple environment for users new to imaging.

iPath:Capture is fully integrated with SharePoint 2007 and SharePoint 2010, and the NteliPath family of document and image management solutions. All known scanner manufacturers are supported as well as direct importing of image files. iPath:Capture has built-in image processing capabilities such as Deskew, BorderRemoval, Rotation, etc. Index and validation of captured documents can be simplified using a number of built in functions including Zonal OCR, barcode reading, database lookup against multi-key fields, selection lists, etc. This allows the possibility of performing automated indexing of documents, minimizing human intervention. OCR conversion of images can be performed using one of the industry’s most popular, and most accurate multilingual OCR engines.

iPath:Capture allows users to streamline their workflow for documents captured using any combination of the available capabilities: Capture, Indexing, Quality Assurance, OCR/PDF, and Export/Migration. iPath:Capture is a state-of-the-art .NET capture solution which is fast and easy to implement with no programming required allowing the user to get up and running quickly.

Product Highlights

  • Support for virtually all known scanners: Kodak, Canon, Fujitsu, Bell + Howell, etc.
  • Built-in image enhancement capabilities: deskew, despeckle, page orientation detection
  • Advanced document separation features: barcodes, OCR/ICR, blank pages, page counts
  • Advanced indexing through barcodes, OCR/ICR, and Patch codes
  • Advanced document image viewer with comprehensive annotation capabilities
  • Creation of complex index files containing all captured metadata
  • No scanning volume limitation
  • Support for over 100 OCR languages
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