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Records Management Services

As an organization generates evidence of its actions and decisions in the form of records; the creation, management and preservation of this evidence becomes an integral part of providing precise, reliable and easily accessible information system. The proper implementation and flawless execution of an airtight Records Management Program is vital to ensuring efficiency and accountability as evidence is created, captured and managed.

Although many organizations have a systematic method of dealing with paper records, more and more we are seeing both the private and public sectors inadvertently develop haphazard recordkeeping processes for electronic documentation. Email folders, hard disks, and shared network drives are often used to store tangible verification of transactions, decisions and actions. According to industry and government regulators, this violates the requirements for sound information governance as well as the compliance requirements mandated for the organization.

NteliPath methodology for helping organizations implement reliable electronic records management programs is a structured multi-phase process designed to ensure that records management is tightly coupled with the business needs of the organization. It is well proven and based on best practices guidelines outlined in the international Standard ISO 15489 for records management, US National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) bulletins and guidelines, Australian Standard AS4390- 1996 for records management (DIRKS), and Europe’s MoReq (Model Requirement for the Management of Electronic Records).

Depending on what level your organization has reached in implementing a Records Management Program, NteliPath consultants will work closely with your team to identify the gap between your existing practices and current best practices, regardless of whether you operate in an electronic, paper-based or hybrid environment.

Below are some of the services offered by NteliPath, in part or in total, depending on your organization’s specific needs and objectives:

Services Snapshot

  • Information Survey & Preliminary Investigation
  • Business activities and records
  • Identification of recordkeeping requirements
  • Assessment of existing recordkeeping systems
  • Recordkeeping Policy Development
  • Functional System Specification & Procurement Assistance
  • Implementation Assistance
  • Classification Models
  • File Plans
  • Migration & Metadata Construction Support
  • Comprehensive training for all relevant personnel

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