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Microsoft SharePoint technologies continue to be embraced by all types of organizations, small, medium and large as the platform of choice for portal, collaboration, and enterprise content management. Due to the viral growth of SharePoint, most organizations are looking at hybrid content architecture solutions that will allow them to manage their unstructured (document-centric) content and their structured (data in databases) content from within the SharePoint platform. Enterprise Content Integration (ECI) is the technology that enables enterprise content to be accessible with a single query regardless of where it resides. It is also the technology that should enable the management of enterprise content using a single set of functionalities regardless of where it resides.

NteliPath provides a unique approach to content integration architectures that ensures all content stored in the enterprise is managed from within one set of content management controls. This greatly enhances the ability to implement information governance, compliance and electronic discovery solutions as well as provide knowledge workers with accurate and prompt access to information as and when needed.

NteliPath’s Intelligent Content Integration Services (ICIS) is an integration enabling application for SharePoint that eliminates or minimizes the effort required to extend the SharePoint ECM functions and controls to the content stored in multiple non-SharePoint repositories. By using ICIS, organizations will save on resources and time to get an integrated SharePoint offering to the market, and will also be able to be part of an enterprise solution that may encompass several disparate content repositories all connected to SharePoint.

The ICIS benefit is not just a passive integration of external content within SharePoint pages; it provides a lot more. Some vendors have struggled for years to add functions such as version control, check-in and check-out, approval workflows, full text enterprise search, and federated records management. At the same time, the archiving capabilities of ICIS will enable users to have their choice of external repository to alleviate the storage issues typically found in storing large objects in SQL databases.

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